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Top Binance BSC NFT Tokens to buy

 In this article lets take a quick look at the top Binance BSC NFT tokens to invest in. For high and quick profits.

* Keys to the Metaverse

( get it HERE )

This is a unique and interesting NFT project that is gaining quick traction among NFT collectors. Apart from having some ambitious milestones, the NFT collectibles are very unique. Each key represents a wealth of ancient knowledge coupled with an ultra-futuristic symbolism. People who buy these Keys are picking them up more for the sentimental value the NFT provides than just quickly flipping it. This is good, as there seems to be some passion behind the artwork. Now lets take a look at the road map of the project:

*Cross-Chain compatibility: The project aims to launch bridges across various blockchains, so you will be able to transfer your NFTs across to any protocol and back. For example, you will be able to move your NFT from the Binance Smart Chain( BSC ) to Ethereum > play a game with it and transfer it back to your Binance wallet. How cool is that!

*Programmable NFTs: One other powerful roadmap the team is working on is making each and every NFT programmable. Once done, you developers will be able to integrate the NFTs to any game, app etc. And the owner of the NFT will be able to avail the perks the respective platforms offer. For example, an ecommerce store can provide a free offer for NFTs of a particular trait. If your Binance NFT falls under this filter, you will be able to claim the offer.

*NFT traits based notifications: Using the NFT API layer, they can be integrated into any application. Once integrated, the respective businesses will be able provide benefits for the NFT holders.These benefits will directly reach you as a notification in your wallet in a completely decentralised manner. Based on the number of offers your Binance NSC NFT token demand will also increase significantly.

Best Binance BSC NFT tokens to buy

* Pancake Bunnies
( get it HERE )

Pancakeswap is one of the leading DEX exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain BSC. Apart from the exchange, the platform has a suite of popular modules like Farms, Pools, Lottery, Launchpads etc. PKS has also been there since the start of the Binance smart chain and has a good partnership with the protocol. The platform has some jaw dropping numbers in terms of the total volume locked in on the liquidity pools. Their Initial Factory Offerings ( IFO ) get over subscribed in a matter of just a few minutes. The NFT collection from this platform is called 'Pancake bunnies'. Infact these items have been part of the pancakeswap ecosystem even before NFT feature was added. The entire platform has a team like structure where users take up sides and compete against each other in trading competitions etc. And based on the contribution each user provides, they get awarded the bunnies. These are now NFTs that can be traded. What more? the biggest and most active NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain BSC is pancakeswap. So which means their NFT would be the most on-demand tokens there. However the supply of the Pancake bunnies is very high ie. 446,585 till date and may keep increasing. This can hurt the price appreciation of individual NFTs.

Top Binance Smart Chain BSC Nfts

* Hot cross - Cross Bosses
( get it HERE )

Primarily Hot cross is an application suite. The aim of the application is to enable blockchain, crypto users and developers to achieve maximum cross chain functionality. They present a suite of useful tools like cross chain bridges, Yield farming across protocols, Liquidity pools for other exchanges, Easy to use NFT minters, Crypto farms and initial token offerings etc.  As a community by-product they also have 8040 unique generative art NFTs on the Binance smart chain BSC. Each of the 3D avatars have unique traits and properties and they all look cute.  Being a provider of so many DeFi tools, its not a surprise that the NFTs have a decent transaction volume ie. near 243 BNB value worth NFTs traded till date. There seems to be a very strong social media following for the company as a whole ie. a whooping 116K followers on Twitter alone. 

Top Binance BSC NFT tokens

* Born Bad Boys
( get it HERE )

A collection of 10,000 Pixelart NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. The project is listed across various exchanges like Lootex, Pancakeswap, NFTKey etc. thus contributing to some good sales numbers. So far 1067 BNB worth NFTs have been sold. There seems to be some good activity happening on-chain transactions wise. They also have a 'Born Bad Girls' collection that have also sold out with decent trading volume happening. The social media channels have like ~6500 followers. The team keeps the engagement going with constant giveaways, announcements etc. Also their roadmap speaks about more utilities, mini games etc. coming out in 2022. The floor price seems reasonable, and it seems to be a decent Binance BSC NFT token to own.

Best Binance BSC NFT projects to buy

 Little Ghosts:
( get it HERE )

Available and traded on PancakeSwap, the little ghosts are set of cute little animated gifs. It seems to be one of the top traded NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. There are currently 1429+ owners holding these NFTs. The total traded volume till date is an impressive 207 BNBs ( ~ $ 101003 ). Team team behind seem to be quite active on social media with a massive 14.7K followers on Twitter alone. And there is constant giveaways, AMA etc. happening that keeps the flame going. The team also have a Play-to-earn game coming up for the collection. Once the game the released it would be interesting to see how the demand increases for these cute NFT collection. LG is for sure one of the best Binance BSC NFT tokens to buy.

Best Binance BSC NFT token to buy

Industry News ( May 31, 2022 )

Low-key, lesser known NFT collection Goblintown suddenly starts making millions in sales. The NFT project's total sales volume till last week was around $22.85 million and it overtook an NFT called 'Otherdeed', that has been trending continuously over the past few weeks. Within the past 24 hours, Goblintown  NFT gained $2.26 million, and as soon as the other HODL-ers saw that the NFT was trending, they increased the floor price of their respective NFTs. Now, the floor price starts at 2.79 ETH (increased by 103%). The Goblintown NFT has a total of 9,999 goblins. In its early days, the NFTs were allowed to mint for free by the creators and while there was a chance of the NFT completely going off grid because it was freely minted, HODL-ers listed it on the marketplace. However, there was a lukewarm response and only a certain number of trades happened. But surprisingly, over the last week, the NFT picked up steam without any major promotions being done on the creator's part.  As on May 23, 2022, the floor price of the Goblintown NFT was around 0.5 ETH and over the weekend, the floor price increased to 2.79 ETH (that's a 458% increase). The way the hype around it was generated by word of mouth and when the users got a wind of the NFTs being sold at a low price, they were surprised to see that price had increased many fold. At present, the NFT collection is worth USD $40 Mn and most of the sales happened over the weekend. It's surprising to note that the official handle of Goblintown has only 36,500 followers and their opensea data shows that there are a total of 4700+ owners of the NFT. All of it were minted and multiple NFTs were held by the same owners who had early access. 

By Friday, when users got to know the NFTs were free from the website, they visited it and were welcomed by a "F***g Sold out" message. The Weekly sales metric shows that Goblintown is the Popular NFTs for sale this week, the mysterious aspect is that no one knows who the creators of the NFTs are and how the collection was listed on the platform. Most important question is how the Free-To-Mint NFTs reached prominence. There are even rumors that the NFTs could be a secret project of DJ/Producer STEVE AOKI who collaborated with an NFT development agency to create it. Whatever the rumor may be, some early bird traders have been making a profit of over 5000% in spite of the Global bear market

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